Friday, July 16, 2010

Two stories about the takin

Once the divine madman, Drupka Kunley, whom this blog is named after, was asked by his followers for a miracle. Because Drupka Kunley was a man, he told them to get him lunch instead. His followers brought him a cow and a goat. Despite the lack of barbecue sauce, ol' Drupka ate the entire cow, and then had the entire goat for desert. He then ripped the goat's head from its carcass, stuck it on the cow's skeleton, and told the misformed amalgamation to rise. That is how the Takin was created.

Way back when, the nation of Bhutan had a national zoo. But because Bhutan is a Serious Buddhist country, people complained that animals were being kept in cages instead of being allowed to roam about, made a spectacle of, etc. So the zoo disbanded and all the animals were to be released into the wild. The zoo keepers opened the gates of the Takin enclosure and went off to free more animals. The next day they came back, and the Takins were still there. They came back the next day, the Takins were still there. They kept coming back, and the Takins kept staying there. So they made the Takin enclosure into a national preserve, and the Takins lived happily ever after without ever having to worry about someone opening their gates and letting in small annoying children ever again.

Pictures by Jon Strassfeld.

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