Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blessed Rainy Day

Pictured above: the torrential rains and lightning-filled storms of Blessed Rainy Day

The 23rd of September is the last day of monsoon season in Bhutan, and is known as Blessed Rainy Day. The night before, you're supposed to leave a bucket out and then take a bath in the morning with the night's rainwater. This ritual cleaning supposedly will wash your sins away. Due to Blessed Rainy Day being more like Blessed Picnic Day, the only rainwater bath I got on Thursday was when I scooped a thimble's worth of water out of the concave top of a mushroom and wetted my hair.

Jon and I went hiking to a nearby monastery. More pictures of the beautiful place I live in, aren't you jealous, blah blah blah.

Above picture by Jon, I think.

Most monasteries have solar panels since the power lines don't go to the tops of mountains.
Picture of the Thimphu valley. Picture by Jon.

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  1. Hi, there's a blogger meet-up in Thimphu next weekend. Would be great to see you there if you're at all interested.
    The Facebook link has the details.