Sunday, September 12, 2010


Despite being a peaceful people, the Bhutanese have quite dangerous games. For instance, khuru. Khuru means "darts." There are three important differences between khuru and other countries' version of darts:

1. It is played outside with giant darts. I.e., khuru is lawndarts, not pub darts.
2. People play it quite drunk. I.e., khuru is pub darts, not lawndarts.
3. People run around and taunt each other right in front of the target.

We only had one teacher get within a few inches of being impaled, so the recent khuru tournament at Pelkhil between the Bhutanese teachers and the non-Bhutanese teachers went quite smashingly. Here is an example of a traditional Bhutanese game which did not go so well:

For those of you who are too lazy to click on links, a quick highlight: a Bhutanese government official was recently shot during an archery match; the arrow went 7 inches into his brain. His doctor's description of the condition on arrival at the hospital was, "...He was feeling drowsy."

More pictures!

Here you see a monk wielding an instrument of war.

Here you see an elementary teacher waving around a sharp object.

Pictures by Madam Ashley and Sir Jon Feyer.

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