Monday, March 1, 2010

Bureaucracy is a word I find nearly impossible to spell

So. That two month visa application process you went through? Yea. That one. The one that you nearly had an aneurysm over because nothing ever seemed to happen, despite its needing to happen right then?

Well, guess what - it's not over. That visa you got is actually a 14-day visa that allows you enough time to get your work permit (which you were, unbeknownst to you, supposed to have before coming to Bhutan) which you need in order to get your actual visa. And in order to get that work permit, you need to get medical clearance. And then once you've got the work permit, you've got to re-apply, sending in copies of your passports and your CV and even the old visa itself.

And in order to effectively communicate with anyone about this so that you know what step of the process exactly you've been skipping, you need to get a SIM card for your phone that allows you to text people in Bhutan. And in order to get that card, you have to fill out an application. And in order to get that application, you need to make passport photos and copies of your passport and visa. And provide proof (talk your way into making the guy believe) that you're employed.

And despite the fact that the apartment exists, you're not actually moving into it just yet. For some reason. Not really sure why. Perhaps there's an application process you still need to go through.

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