Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Yeti Yet

So I found out today that the Abominable Snowman lives in Bhutan. In fact, according to this incredibly reliable site, the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary was set up solely for the purpose of providing a refuge for the yeti.

This greatly saddened me, as I realized that I had to downgrade the veracity of reports of the existence of ridiculously adorable animals that smell like buttered popcorn. And likewise, barking deer, blood quails, snow leopards, and half-goat, half-cow takins. And I also had to up the idea that Bhutan, the magical land of happiness, progressive ideals, and basketball-playing kings, and especially in particular the Pelkhil school (which isn't even fully constructed yet), is just an enormous and elaborate practical joke.

But then I reconsidered: the existence of a large, hulking primate, residing in the Himalayan mountains and covered entirely in thick fur. Hmmmm...

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