Sunday, March 14, 2010

Change is coming

Great moments from today:

While walking along the side of the road, Jon and I passed a young monk wearing a Playboy sweatshirt.

While at the vegetable market, one of the vegetable venders did not have any 5 nu notes, and gave me change in cucumbers.

While at a "supermarket", Jon and I bought a brand of ketchup called Crosse Blackwell snack dressing that is marked only for catering purposes, not retail sale, is capped with a beer bottle bottle cap, and is delicious in the way that only American food that is eaten by an American not in America can be.

While sitting around this evening, one of our neighbors brought us tea in Hello Kitty mugs.

I'm planning on posting pictures tomorrow, both pictures from the hike up a mountain I took way back when, and new pictures from around town, once I have a steady source of internet and the ability to stay out of the cold outside. Stay tuned.

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