Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Culture and Traditional of Koh Phi Phi Island

Facts about the culture and traditional of Koh Phi Phi:
  • It is culturally acceptable to walk around half-naked on Phi Phi if you are white.
  • Only about one in three bicycles on Phi Phi has a bell. Therefore, if you are in someone's way they will say, "Bring-bring" or "Beep-beep."
  • One man on Phi Phi has installed a custom horn on his bike. It goes, "Hu-wai! Hu-wai! YaGiGiGi!"
  • The traditional foods on Phi Phi are Pad Thai, various types of meat shish kebabs, pineapples carved into spirally shapes, and hamburgers.
  • An event of great historical significance and civic pride, The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed at Phi Phi.

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