Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heading South for the Winter

Being quite cold, Jon, Jon and I have decided to roam around the warm parts of Southeast Asia. First we are going to enjoy Indian beaches and Indian food, then we are going to enjoy Malaysian beaches and Malaysian food, then Thai beaches and Thai food, and lastly Cambodian beaches and Cambodian food. Apparently there are large lobsters that cost fifty cents everywhere. My stomach is going to rupture.

Currently we are in Phuntsholing, a Bhutanese border town. There are hordes of people. I have not seen this many people since we were last in India.

Tomorrow: we try to find wherever the hell the border visa officer is (the border has no fences, walls, nada. You just walk across) so we can get our entry stamps, then on to Bagdogra airport, and lastly a four-hour flight into Chennai, the southernmost province of India. Where there are beaches. And lobsters.

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