Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am a Nephilim

Zeb: Do you have this cheap shoe in a larger size?
Malaysian Shop Keeper: No, the cheap products only come in small sizes. Perhaps you would like an expensive neon green hipster basketball shoe?
ZEB: No thank you, I happened to look at that shoe earlier and it only comes in American size ten. Do you have a shoe that could fit me?
MSK: No sir, no one has ever had a foot as large as yours.
ZEB: Perhaps you could check in the back?
MSK: Unfortunately I am checking in the back and nothing will fit your monster giant feet. Let me climb up into the ceiling and look there.
MSK: Oh no, no one has left any large shoes in the ceiling where I apparently keep all my specialty merchandise.
ZEB: That's fine, I am not going to go check somewhere else because I have had this conversation already three times.
MSK: Okay, thank you!

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