Friday, April 9, 2010

The Hike to Rhagay

Pictures, from top to bottom: the view from Kuenga to where we were headed; the path; jons at the base of the mountain; Rhagay; trees; water prayer wheel house; inside of the house; abandoned building; trees; trees; jon; that's how steep it was; be-lightninged tree stump; jon enjoys a light repast of grapes; jon; dressing; house; jon climbing; the village near Rhagay monastery; steps; Rhagay monastery; jon on the stairs to Rhagay; eric walking back from the ruins of one of Guru Rinpoche's dwellings; the view standing outside the entrance to the Rhagay monastery; Kuenga School, where we hiked from; Princeton boys; tree; thing; stump; dog; view at the path on the hike back - the buildings were the village, the ridge the ridge we made it to; Jon Strassfeld immediately after completing the hike; Jon Strassfeld an hour after completing the hike.

Last two pictures by Jon Feyer.

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