Friday, April 9, 2010

How to make a grilled cheese sandwich with a wok


1 garlic clove
1 tomato
1 thin slice of cheese
2 thin slices of bread
2 tbsp oil

Crush and slice the garlic. Pour the barest amount of oil into the wok. Throw garlic in and simmer. Slice bread and cheese. Layer. Add thin tomato slices to taste. Place sandwich in the wok. Fry. Wait until edges slightly burned. Remove sandwich. Add more oil. Flip sandwich and put back in wok. Fry as long as possible without burning the sandwich.

The bread absorbs the oil at a ridiculous rate, meaning that everything needs to be thin as possible so as to allow the sandwich to melt in the shortest amount of time. Put the burner on simmer. This is counterintuitive - you're trying to cook this thing before all your oil is gone and you end up with two slices of char - but your wok is very thin, though, and it will be hot enough for the cheese to melt. If you keep the wok on high the heat won't have time to seep into the cheese and you won't get anywhere at all. If necessary, simply remove the sandwich when the oil is soaked up and put more in. It's terribly unhealthy, but you're making a grilled cheese sandwich, not a salad.

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  1. Try covering the pan (or at least covering the sandwich) after it is almost as "fried" as you want, to promote the melting of the insides without over-frying.