Saturday, April 3, 2010

Worse than frustrations

I have a friend. A great guy. Jon and I and him hang out together every weekend. He works harder than anyone else in the school - he has to, because he's the P.E. teacher, the Games and Sports coordinator for the whole school, is in charge of making sure the ex-pats are adjusting to life in Bhutan, handles every financial transaction that involves the school, is the go-to guy for parents who have any sort of question about the school and who want to pay their bills, trained several of the workers here, and, oh yeah, has a younger brother who came from Eastern Bhutan to receive a good education to take care of. Did I mention that he works harder than anyone else and is indispensable to the running of Pelkhil?

Yeah, the school's only paid him for 2 of the 4 months he's worked here. And those at a salary less than what any of the other teachers or workers are making. Are you serious?

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